About Deep Ideas Ltd

Deep Ideas Ltd is a company formed to bring you the best technical dive equipment as well as difficult to source kit.

We provide a small selection of top quality products. Where appropriate we work in partnership with these companies to provide full product life cycle support; from beta testing to post sales support.

At Deep Ideas we are active Technical Divers and we only sell the products that we have come to trust through experience. We are happy to use our experience to help you choose the right products to meet the demands of your diving. We are often available to provide equipment for demonstrations so you can "try before you buy", we can even provide "in-water" support on occasion if you want to have someone there with you while you try out the equipment.

Our primary focus for our customers is to provide a full sales support service - whether it is answering simple questions, providing temporary loan equipment or facilitating the resolution of any problems. We want to keep you diving!

Below is the list of products we stock. We also have a range of spares and accessories for these products.


Please use our contact form if you have any questions, any suggested product improvements, any information you would like added to our website, anything you want. We look forward to hearing from you.